Sunday, January 14, 2007

No Couch, No Superbowl

I hiked up the hill today to go to church. It was a beautiful walk and it was awesome to be outside. The snow looked pristine in the play field behind the community center and it sparkled in the sun like a million diamonds. I half expected to find and abandoned Macy's truck at the top of the hill. I did find the corner of Index and 16th where someone lost control of their vehicle and took out the street sign.

The sermon at church today was fantastic. The Bible passage was Corinthians something (I know.. I suck) and it was about how God is everywhere regardless of how people worship. This pleases me as it validates my long held belief that God is within and it doesn't really matter if you're Catholic, Lutheran, Muslim or Jewish. The traditions of each of these faiths it something to be honored but at the end we're all talking to the same God. Sermons like this are the main reason why I like this church. The call to action is encouragement to be better people and accept that we are all faulty. It's not about being "better than anyone" or us and them.

After Church Rico and Cindy asked me to go with them to the mall. I was excited to go - anyhwere really would have been fine with me. We had lunch at Z-Tejas - not my favorite. I've never been a huge tex-mex fan. I want my Mex straight up with out the tex. Yes, I am bizzaro girl.

They dropped me off at the top of the hill and I hiked back down into the pit of condo-copia. It warmed up to almost 38 degrees today so where the sun hit the roads it was starting to melt. I have hope that tomorrow I will be able to go to the grocery store.

Once home I puttered around and then made a makeshift seating area in the living room and watched some TV, but I kept falling asleep. It's a damned exciting life I lead.

I'm also putting the bedroom back together, but am being very conservative about what actually makes it back into the dressers - this weekend is all about clutter removal. The bedroom looks great, but the office still has a way to go. Maybe everything will be sorted by tomorrow. The furniture delivery place is open tomorrow so rescheduling furniture is also on the to do list. Three day weekends are great - even with no transportation and no furniture.

Seahawks lost in overtime. That's that I guess.

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God said...

I may be within and I may even not care what religion you are (actually, this is the first time I've thought about you--nothing personal, just being honest), but I do think that if you capitalize the "Couch" label you should also capitalize the "church" label. That's just my opinion . . . God's opinion.

But do as you wish.