Sunday, January 07, 2007

FREE: the update

Craig's List is AWESOME! No bites yet on the couch, but the cute couple who picked up the junky Fred Meyer shelves took a single sit in the green chair and will be back Tuesday to get it!!!

Now, I just need to find some kid with a big truck who needs a lipstick pink couch. Maybe (just maybe) the couch will not go to a good home. (The color might be holding it back - because no matter how comfortable it is no frat guy is going to stick a pink couch in his basement.) ACE hardware has a reciprocating saw on sale... I could chop the couch up into little bits and throw it away over time. How sad. I almost made a "lay away" joke.

I'll pay you $25 to take the couch... sounds like a deal to me!

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MWR said...

Don't think of it as a surplus pink couch. Think of it as a potential fuel source. Another big blow arrives Tuesday! It may snow.

There has been a discarded hide-a-bed sitting out by a dumpster here since about Halloween. I'm not kidding. It blocks the public sidewalk. I think it was left behind by my former across-the-hall neighbor, WHO GOT A GRANT AND MOVED TO BURMA FOR A YEAR. I think he has successfully dodged responsibility for this couch, but the City of Seattle is putting up a good fight to avoid assuming any. I wonder if I put a memo on the couch addressed to the city . . .


To: City of Seattle
From: MWR
Dated: January 7, 2007
Re: Discarded Couch

The owner of the couch MOVED TO BURMA IN OCTOBER. No one on Capitol Hill owns a truck. Help us!

You know, I might actually do this.