Friday, December 22, 2006

Day 7

Thanks to Rico for a night at his Man-pad. He wasn't there so I washed tons of girl laundry, infected his tv with the lifetime channel and ate bon bons while soaking in a bubble bath in the man-tub. It was glorious.

Puget Sound Energy tells me that by tonight there will be power - but I don't believe them. I spent the morning with the cat - burned a presto log for heat and packed my car for the journey over the pass. The weather service said that today was the ideal travel day and were they ever right. I left the PNW around 11 and descended into the foggy Yakima Valley around 1:30. It was an easy drive. Hopefully the return trip won't be horrific.

The parents remodeled house is good. It's still a small house but it has better flow and I have a room to sleep in. The new dog really is sweet (a combo Akita/Chow) and the cats pretty much leave him alone.

No Christmas tree tho. That's kind of sad. We'll be going over to Glenda the good aunt's for the football game on Sunday. (um, maybe the Seahawks? I'm so not into football - but whatever.) Then we'll be doing Christmas dinner with Aunt Sandy & Uncle Ed. S&E are fun - Ed has a wicked sense of humor. During my childhood they were the most fun to hang out with. They always had things planned when we visited so it seemed to us like they spent all summer camping and boating. The poor boat hasn't been out in a hundred years and is basically dead. They still have it and I suggested that they bury it in the front yard as a shrine but Sandy doesn't want to mow around it. Plus, it's a little W.T. if you know what I mean.

Have a nice Christmas. If anything exciting happens I'll let you know.

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