Thursday, December 21, 2006

Day 6 (revised)

Still without power, still relying on the kindness of friends, still anxious to go home.

The paper this morning reported that Puget Sound Energy (PSE) is now saying that some of the power outages are 'our' fault for not letting them de-tree in areas. I personally own none of that responsibility, but it is a sign that the goodwill and heroic after storm actions are starting to fade. I wouldn't be surprised if in short order all hell breaks loose and those of us in the dark start to rise up and revolt.

This morning, I packed my car with all the things I have had at Becky's (she said to just go ahead and use her name, she thinks my pseudonyms are easily crackable) and will go home tonight in hopes that today is the day. Power Day....

I'm feeling really bad for my cat. Peter has been home alone for days now, and I don't think the nightly check in is enough to keep the poor dude happy. It has been cold enough to leave out cream for him to clog his arteries with, but I haven't done it. I am a bad bad mommy.

Power or no, I'll probably sleep at home tonight because the beast needs some human contact before I leave him for the Christmas weekend. I'd take him with me to Yaki-vegas but mom and dad have enough animals. Katie - the loving and super cute black cat, Iris - super bitchy standoffish calico cat. (She was in the home first and is a little more than angry about Katie moving in, but it's the new dog that really has her in Michael Douglas "Falling Down" mode.) The new dog (whose name hasn't been told to me yet) is the most adored being in the house. I think adding my cat to the mix would really throw Iris over the edge. She'd probably step up her bitchy behavior and just set the house on fire. No one needs that drama, so Pete will have to suffer.

Mom has told me that they got a dog three or four times now. (I love that she can't remember when she's last spoken to me. I would feel unimportant except that she's so excited to talk to me that I know she's happy about it - she doesn't recall what we've talked about. It's not Alzheimer's...'cuz that's what you're thinking, she's just caught up in her world.)

Um... what else is there to report... Nothing!---er... previously posted content has been removed because my attorney friend reminds me that it's not really anonymous and how would I feel if something unkind (but true) was posted about me by someone I worked for? Not good. I will now fall back on revisionist history in order to gloss over my lapse in judgement. Everything everywhere is ok, I never said there were "ACTUAL" weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.


Peter the Cat said...

Wait a minute . . . did I read that correctly!?!

Screw Iris! I am not a fashion accessory! I'm a human being! (Shhh!) This is not acceptable.

I think I'm going to be feeling more than a little feral by the time these ordeals are over. I'm not sure "mommy" and her friends at the power company are going to like how this all turns out. I can gnaw through a lot of extension cords.

Oh, and guess what? The raccoons are still hanging around at night. They grow bolder. I feel like I'm Charlton Heston in The Omega Man (yes, I know simple HTML—plenty of free time lately with nothing much to do but study HTML and freeze my ass off), only with raccoons.

Maybe I will try to hibernate now. I am cold.

MJS said...

OMG...she CRIED?


(I'm seriously laughing so hard I can't think of anything funny to say here)