Monday, December 11, 2006

In the war on Christmas only the lawyer elf will win

Port of Seattle officials are reporting tonight that they will replace the Christmas Trees that were removed from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport this weekend. The threat leavel of a law suit by inundated Jewish travelers has been lowered from dark blue to light blue... virgin mary blue maybe? (sorry)

I was thinking this morning as I stood in line at ChristmasBucks - Starbucks to get my tall eggnog latte (totally gross by the way) that those non-Christians among us must get irritated with the fact that Christmas is everywhere from the day before Thanksgiving until at least the first week in January.

Special lights on the trees downtown, boughs of red and green are everywhere, Karen Carpenter is thinly wishing you a merry christmas while you stand in line at Quiznos to get a non-pork product type sandwich. (For me, this is the one thing that would totally prevent me from coverting to Judiasim. Sorry chosen people bacon tastes really good.)

Last year there was a big stink about some politician - maybe even the idiot king himself sending cards that read "Happy Holidays" and some of the more red Americans were displeased because they thought it displayed a sacrifice of christian values not to use Christmas in the message. Uh hello a-holes Jesus was all about inclusiveness.

I'm happy to see the trees go back up because they are pretty, but I think we need to be sensitive that we Christmas celebrators aren't the only people on the earth. You'll notice when you get my card that I too have used "happy holidays" but it's not because I hate the baby Jesus but because I like the alliteration.


Peter the Cat said...

So many pretty words about Christmas and inclusiveness and yet Peter is still without his saucer of cream.

What . . . must . . . I . . . do!?

Anonymous said...

I just wish the damn trees were decorated better...