Monday, December 18, 2006

Still no power

Filled with hope I finished my plate of Becca's yummy chicken lasagne wraps. During the day I had received many reports of power around my homestead. As I drove towards home lights were plentiful across the hills and I started to think about what I might do first --check voicemail, play on the computer... But my heart began to sink as I turned the bend on the freway and saw a hillside of darkened homes.

As I made the turn to my condo all hope faded. Pitch Black. It looks as though most of my neighbors have also left. Never before has there been so much parking available.

I popped inside, fed the pissed off cat, picked out some new clothes --hopefully not blue and black and finished throwing the rest of the food away. Then I drove back over to Becca's.

I feel a little homeless at the moment.

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