Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Jury Dootie

As if having a home that I can't actually live in was bad enough, not only am I encroaching on Becca's family (she hates the name Becca so we're in the process of identifying a new one. "The girl who makes me snort" is true but a little lenghty). Back to the point--three days before Christmas I've got Jury Duty. Grumble.

Its not that I mind giving up year end work activities to do my civic duty because I don't. Its the hours and hours of sitting around that displeases me. Plus there's the odd assemblage of people who are my peers? Sorry Wolf Sweater lady we aren't peers!

I've got the laptop and will try to keep up with work. (Shouldn't be too hard, I received like five work related emails yesterday.)

I was sad to hear that another storm with high winds will hit our area tonight. I suppose I should just move in forever with Babs--- no that won't work, um what about Becks?


MWR said...

Typically, a reference to "f***ing cops" will get you excused, even if the context justifies it. Good luck.

Peter the Cat said...

"Has anyone in your immediate family ever been the victim of a crime?"

Answer: yes

Pets are family. Cat neglect is a crime.

Peter the Cat said...

Oh, man, now there are raccoons on the balcony! Those things scare the living crap out of me.

I wish you were here! Please come back soon. I was only kidding about the cat neglect. I would never press charges.