Friday, February 24, 2006

At least you have a job...

I try to keep the work talk down as I know that I'm fortunate to have a job that I mostly love, and one that pays me too much money. It's a dream having both things - however I have to bitch about my boss for a moment.

He is a great boss, supportive, reasonable, lets you argue a point, sometimes lets me win - but he has a big mouth. He was talking to his boss and said "you know if you let me I could find a million dollars in savings in the Risk Management program" well - who would say no to that? Unfortunately what he meant was - the three departments that I don't manage are wasting money and I could fix that ... What she heard was "take a million dollars from my budget" Holy CRAP -- our annual budget really isn't all that big. The million dollars ended up being 18% of our operating budget. YIKES. Our headcount cost eats up 39% of what's left over. (feel free to do the math if thats your thing.)

So, on top of having to find "slush" in a small program the CFO (that's chief financial officer) issued a "challenge" to find another 5% out of everyone's budget. Grrr. Seems like we've paid our dues already - but oh no.. I found it. So, when you see us flying "Bob's Crop Dusting and Discount Air" you'll know why.

I'm also thinking about a bake sale to raise funds for office supplies. If I sell 6 brownies I might be able to buy a ream of paper.

End of rant... I've got some beans to count.

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