Tuesday, February 07, 2006


This isn't a forum to bitch about my job because for the most part I am really happy but lately people have been coming at me in all directions and I'm feeling overwhelmed.

Minion is helping but many of these things are outside her sphere. Plus, she's not my assistant - she's got her own full time job to manage. Plus, she's going on vacation a nice 11 day jaunt to Hawaii. (Bitch)

The only high point is that all the other managers on my team are feeling the same way. Lu just popped in and said... "I QUIT" oh, if I wasn't such a fan of a warm place to sleep I might consider the same thing. (just kidding mom)

Part of my problem is that I'm not a good take homework home person. I take it, but don't do anything with it. The only real benefit is the extra cardio I get from hauling the laptop home.

BOO HOO. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Gotta get back to it.

But wait... I have to make fun of the PM (that's project manager for those of you not up on corp-speak. A PM is a person who documents the shortcomings of business folk assigned to the project of the moment. He (or she) doesn't actually do anything but coordinate meetings and track due dates. A good PM is loved because he or she makes your life easier so you can show up share your expertise and go. A bad PM is hated because they come at you last minute for everything and expect their shit to be the priority. )

Our department has a (bad) PM who is kind of a strange bird. He's the one who did a walk-by "Gee you look like shit." greeting. I thought it was just me who didn't like him until one of the other gals came into my office, shut the door and whispered.."I HATE that guy!" I talked her off the ceiling, but felt vindicated for my lack of team-ness for him.

So the funny thing is that PM has the highest high water pants I've ever seen. ALL of his pants could qualify has clam diggers - and some come more than 2 inches above his high-top boots. It's like he had a growth spurt at the age of 50. He has a wife so I'm not sure what's up with the pants. Maybe she hates him too and it's her way of getting back at him.

The thing I hate the most is that he calls me "dear" - I was ok with Surly Stan from Social Security calling me Dear - because he was 65 and I was 22. Anyone with 40 years on me can call me pretty much anything they want... but if that age difference is under 20 years - They call me Mr. TIBBS!

Seriously, I've got to go...

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