Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Ah... the three day weekend! Bliss.

There's time enough to spend time with everybody, clean house AND do stuff for me!

I managed to eek in two movies this weekend - one I wasn't supposed to see (the girls have it on "save") but Divorcing Rico wanted to see it so I agreed. Thankfully it is cute enough to see twice. (Don't tell anyone.)

Capote was also on the list. I thought for sure that the P.S.H. whiny voice would grate on my nerves but I got over it. Bruce Greenwood is a dreamy older gay man. He can take me to Spain any day. (Not that I'm a gay man...)

Spending time with SadRico. is good, but also so sad. He's wearing me out and I'm a shitty friend for not being able to take all the sadness and anger that he has pouring out of him. Two half days is my limit. His free place to stay has fallen through and I think he was fishing to stay with me at my place but I couldn't do it. I'm selfish and greedy but my sanity is a precious thing.

I'm still totally enjoying the iMac. Setting up Quicken has been fun. It's not so awesome to see how much in debt I am -- but thankfully it's mostly house debt. Still, seeing it all in one place puts it into perspective. The spending spree is officially over.

Well -- not quite. The new master b.r. toilet arrives tomorrow at 3! It's a lovely piece of equipment. Not as fancy as June's euro-loo that has two flush options (number one, or number two) but it's still pretty.

My friend Bill offered to install the toilet (after I pre-paid the installers) but I couldn't take him up on the offer. He's sweet, but since the failed camping trip fiasco we don't hang out and thus asking for favors seems wrong. His wife was pleasant enough during a brunch on Sunday but didn't say goodbye to me when they left. I thought it was odd, but will chalk it up to a hasty departure.

Finally, Janie called and left a lengthy message on my machine related to the (OMFG) 20 year class reunion. She is totally on the ball calling people and getting organized! YEAH JANIE! Go-Fight-Win!


syp said...

Did you see "Eight Below?" If you did, it's o.k., because I saw it too...shhh.

Agnostia said...

Read it. Understood half of it. Trying to get the rest half by going through your other posts.
BTW, "everyone" is right. You are funny. But please, write a book only if you want to. Not for any other reason.
And about why can't you find love. Beats me. Maybe because we are too demanding and too expecting at the same time too naive.