Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The value of an item is equal to the amout of money for which you paid, or you get what you pay for.

By now I think it's pretty obvious that I got a decent year end bonus (new computer, PotteryBarn furniture, happy outlook on life) but the spending will stop very quickly. I haven't just been spending on new things, I did pay for many things I already bought -- a.k.a. paid off some credit card debt.

Even though I've been flush lately I'm still looking for a bargain. I really hate to pay full price for anything. In an effort to save some dough, I bought three studio wall shelves off of eBay instead of paying full price from PotteryBarn. Well -- you get what you pay for. The first unit arrived and three of the five shelf bottoms were cracked and broken. I tried to ship it back to the manufacturer, but the cost to ship was almost equal to the amount of the expected refund. I decided to take it home and make it work. The eBay seller was nice enough to cancel the other two units. Thank you eBay lady.

I broke down and ordered the shelves I had been wanting at PotteryBarn. They were waiting on my doorstep last night. It was a struggle but I managed to get them in the house and put together. Unlike the cheap-o eBay versions these shelves are actual furniture! It took longer to uncrate the pieces than to put them together.

For once, I used my noggin and decided to assemble the item in the room in which the shelves will live. That turned out to be an excellent plan as at 7 feet tall these guys are hard for one gal to manhandle... or galhandle. Once assembled and adorned with my books, photo's of the friends and family it really looks great in the office. Great, that is except the one odd eBay shelf that is of obvious inferior quality and is a totally different color. Sigh... What's another $250? I'm worth it right? Actually, if I cash in my American Express points I could get the shelf for a song. That sounds like a plan! Who needs a free night in Nebraska when a gal could have matching furniture?

Finally -- sad question to end this entry. Now that my friends are getting a divorce what do I do with the photos? Do I put them away like we never went on vacation together? I suppose this is a minor thing to worry about during their trying time, but I can't help but wonder (oooh, now I'm Carrie Bradshaw) in a divorce, who keeps the memories?


syp said...

Oh, that is a tough question. Maybe keep some of the photos in a less public place? I don't know.

MWR said...

First, examine the photos closely to see if you can detect invisible spite rays between the couple in "happier times." You may need to draw these in.

Next, decide which of the people you like better. Be honest, it's always one or the other. Using an X-acto knife, carefully cut some Post-It notes to cover up the images of the one you don't like as much. Leave these in place most of the time. But--and here's the beauty of my plan--also make a set of Post-It outlines to cover up the images of the one you like less. Then if you are ever stuck entertaining him/her, you can quickly switch the Post-it's.

Alternatively, get the very smallest size of Post-Its and write some generic "reminders" on them. Then place these casually over the face of your less favorite divorceé in each of the photos. Then when you see the photos you will simply think things like "Ah, what a great time I had in [European country] with [preferred divorceé] and 'DRINK MORE WATER'" or "Wow, what were [preferred divorceé] and 'DID YOU REMEMBER TO FEED THE CAT?' thinking when they picked out that tux and wedding dress?"