Friday, February 17, 2006

Still MORE about the shelves

It's hard to believe that I have even MORE to say about these crazy office shelves but I do. As I said earlier, I cancelled the eBay order for the "shitty" shelves after the first one arrived in less than acceptable condition. I had no difficulty in getting my payment back and thought the matter was concluded.

NOT SO!!!!

I arrived home from work on Wednesday and found two huge packages on my doorstep. Yes, I have ANOTHER two shelves in my possession. I did extend an offer to the eBay lady to ship back the shelves as long as she pays the shipping. She confirmed that the order was cancelled with the warehouse and that she hasn't been billed - so unless I hear from her in the next couple days I may end up keeping them.

The good news is that the next time anyone comes over to the tpGal mansion there will be plenty of room to place your hat!

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syp said...

Outstanding - you can litter your condo with shelves.