Thursday, February 23, 2006

The New Loo Review

Finally, after months, nee years of looking at cracks in the bowl of my cheap-o builder installed toilet in the master bathroom of Condo TP I broke down and bought a new loo.

I did my research on line (where every good gal does research) and learned what I needed to know about loo's. I measured the space twice and made sure that any loo selected would not only look good but fit into the space.

At Lowe's, where I spend most of my free money, the Loo isle was daunting. With over 50 toilets to choose from it wasn't an easy decision. I did find one that I liked and had the features I was looking for - a low tank (for easy cleaning) and a non-ADA approved seat height. The ADA approved seats are so tall that my munchkin feet don't touch the floor. No way was I going to do that to myself. I could see myself falling to my death in the middle of the night with my pink bunny pj's around my ankles. Plus -- with all the wack-a-doo stairs you have to climb to get into Condo TP - the likelihood of the next buyer requiring ADA anything is slim to none.

As I mentioned earlier I paid to have the pooper installed. Good thing too as they had to re-plumb the hose nozzle thingy (that is the technical name) as it wasn't the right height. (Isn't that just the typical outcome... do all sorts of research, measure over and over and you still have to do something custom.) The installer was out of my place in under an hour and even hauled away the old loo. (Thanks scary teeth guy!)

If course, when it's all said and done... the new loo does the same darned job the old loo did - but for a while anyway I get a little thrill when I have to go. I'm sure that will wear off very quickly.


MWR said...

I blame you for the theme music now running through my head. [LINK]

MWR said...

You're welcome.