Monday, February 27, 2006

Dear Diary

I love Sean. He's so cute. I hope he love's me too. Sean Sean Sean


Sorry, flashback to 1982. Sean was so dreamy. As a fourth grader I totally knew that I loved him. There were times when I'd get to sleep over at his house (my parents must have been at a whopper of a party) and he, his brother Tim, my brother Dorkus and I would camp out in the living room watching the new Home Box Office all night long. Oh those were the days.

Historical fact, Sean was my first gay boyfriend. He didn't know it, because I was just his friends dorky little sister - but oh how I loved him. He had thick wavy hair, wide jeans, a tight t-shirt and the coolest tennies. Now that I think back he was rather snappy.

Sean dreamed of a day when a space station would be a reality. I recall him showing us a page in the Encyclopedia that had a cartoon drawing of a place in outer space where people could live. I wonder if during the MIR days if he ran around telling everyone that he predicted it. He was so smart.

He was also a rebel. He got kicked out of school for a week because he called a teacher a bad name when the teacher was out of the room. It was a total set up because the teacher turned on a tape recorder before leaving the room. Sean refused to apologize - because maybe the teacher WAS an asshole and got suspended. He was brave my Sean.

Sean graduated with my dear sweet brother in 1983 and I never saw him again. I hope he's up to wonderful things. (HOLY CRAP... I just googled him and GASP he's alive and is a real estate agent in San Diego. "Sean and John Real Estate - we make your dreams come true!" The Internet is an amazing thing.)

When I die and "they" go through my diaries they will find the first one is totally devoted to Sean. Page after thin dream filled page of "Sean+TPgal"

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syp said...

Ah, those were the days.