Monday, February 06, 2006

Status: Honey do list

1) Pick up wall brackets at ACE hardware: Done.
2) Install wall brackets in garage: They didn't fit
3) Hang spare dining room chairs (8) in garage: Rigged an alternate plan, hung 4 chairs
4) Be at home between 9 am - 11 am to receive new dining room chairs from Crate&Barrel: Chairs arrived at 8:02 am. Good thing I was dressed.
5) Rush to the Vehicle Inspection for a Breathalyzer test: Arrived when they opened, was in an out in 30 minutes!
6) Rush to the state licensing place to renew car tabs: Wrong place, drove to Factoria, computers were down - no tabs. Boo
7) Prove my residency to the State of Wa. (The *&%$&* Seattle Monorail project has flagged me as a potential grifter. They reported me to the state for moving my address to Renton suggesting that I did it to avoid paying the horrific monorail taxes. Well - mo-fo's I actually moved - so HA! You're a colossal failure - so double HA! What makes me mad about this is that I not only moved two years ago, but I've been paying taxes AND my name is in the damn phone book - but could they do any research? NO, so I have to be inconvenienced. Grr.)
8) Make 7 layer dip for Sunday (beans, guac, sour cream, taco seasoning, olives, cheese, and the 7th layer... love! I didn't buy onions so it will have to be love.) : Done!
9) Put the studio wall bookshelf together: Done
10) repair the bottom shelf of #9 (it arrived broken - but the cost to ship it back negates the refund so I gotta make it work.) : Repair job doesn't look that terrible.
11) Buy a home computer (maybe): No, gonna wait for my tax refund
12) Do 2005 Taxes: Woohoo - big refund!
13) attend church on Sunday to wash away my hate for the evil Seattle Monorail project: Awkward -- the divorcing friends both came to church. If anyone ever said that the big D was easy they must not have friends.
14) watch some football game on tv: So sad, there were some terrible calls by the officials, but we also made some not good mistakes. It was exciting. Sigh
15) celebrate the (hoped for) outcome: Nope, went home and ironed laundry
16) laundry: Almost done
17) dinner with friends at the Red House in Renton: Oh gosh this was super fun!
18) Finish the bookclub book: Blink The Power of Thinking Without Thinking (now that's my kind of personal growth... don't think - just do what you like!): No time to read... it was go go go
19) recycle the enormous box in the spare room: Nope, lazy

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