Friday, February 17, 2006

UpChuck UpDate

Met with the gastrointestinal specialist regarding the throwing up thing and he recommended (and scheduled) an Endoscopy to determine (hopefully) the causage of the blockage. He had too, I mean you don't have someone tell you they are throwing up and not see it as an opportunity to make some money on an expensive procedure. He's gotta pay his mortgage somehow.

He, like my GP, thinks that it most likely is a "stricture" which means a narrow spot which generally presents itself as we get older. That's the inference anyway. He mentioned a couple other possible suggestions that were extremely down played and frankly scary to think about.

The upside of cancer being a cause would be chemo and maybe it would help me loose a few pounds. Still, I'm not rooting for that as the source of the throwing up.

They have to walk you through every possible scenario from being groggy when you leave to dying on the table. Dying may be extreme but approximately one in a thousand procedures experiences complications which according to my literature would result in real surgery. Dr. P assured me those are good odds. Good, but not great right? One in a bagillion-zillion would be better.

The appointment is the 7th - but I probably won't be in a condition to update you on that day so you'll have to be patient while I'm a patient.

If I die on the table I hereby proclaim it is my last wish that all my shelves be divided up equally between my friends.

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MWR said...

Will that be on a shelf-by-shelf basis, or a unit-by-unit basis?