Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ewww you threw up where?

They (Bob and Bob) say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Maybe in my life it's throwing up in public.

Wait... let's back up a little.

Ok, so a while back I was eating dinner and the food kind of got stuck. I could still breathe but the pressure under my sternum was pretty fierce. As soon as I stood up I needed to expel the food. Once that was taken care of I was fine. I ate slower and all was good.

It happened again and I thought it was weird, but thought I was just eating too fast. Then it happened in front of friends and I had to excuse myself from the table. So embarrassing.

My friend Ali has been on my case to call my doctor - but in true P family form I put it off.

So, I'm at the Westlake Mall Food Court with five of my colleagues and I sit down to a plate of Chicken Tiki Masala from the Indian restaurant. I take one - nee two SMALL bites of the chicken - chew it up and instantly I know something is wrong. I waited to see if it would pass, but it wasn't my day. I excused myself and made my way the 30 yards or so (that's important) to the ladies room where I promptly expelled the chicken. After a moment or two I thought I was fine and headed back to the table. I knew I wasn't going to be able to eat - but I thought maybe a sip of beverage might be a good idea.


I swear I took in less than a tablespoon of liquid and I had to repeat the above action. Well -- much to my horror I did not make it to the restroom this time. (Can I just die right about now?) I cleaned up as well as I could - but it was everywhere. So, on top of feeling uncomfortable add a noticeably stained shirt and 30 yards of people between me and my coat. Once I made it back to the table I realized I was shaky and my favorite colleague asked if he could walk me back to the office. (Yes please!)

I didn't make it to the office. Mikey ducked into the RiteAid on the corner of 4th and Drug Dealer to get some paper towels while I stood next to a junkie and threw up into a garbage can. (Man, there's nothing like a bus full of people looking at you and making assumptions to make you feel pretty.)

So, back to the office changed my shirt (thank heavens I had a button up Mr. Roger's sweater on hand) and called finally called Dr. Mike. They got me in right away (3 hours later) by the time of my appointment I was able to eat a cracker and a balance bar - so that was good.

Dr. Mike says that while he's not pleased that it took me so long to come in (a year, is that a problem?) he thinks it's something not too terrible. I have an appointment to go to a Gastroenterolgist to and have an up-O-scopy (not endo - moutho) to see if there's an esophageal stricture. I told Dr. Mike that it sounded like a really boring conference seminar.

The co-workers did ask me to lunch again today. I tried to say no, but they assured me they wanted my company. When I excused myself to wash my hands they did have a look of fear but we worked through it and even had a laugh.

We'll see what Dr. Pepin (Pepper?) has to say. More to come... (less vomiting I'm sure)

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