Saturday, May 23, 2009

Chastity Vacation 2009

And we're off.... (well, in an hour)

We've packed and the house is clean. We went out for breakfast this morning and now we're waiting for our airport transportation to arrive.

We fly into Denver, pick up Jason's mom & dad and then fly to Indianapolis. We just noticed that this weekend is the Indy 500. This shouldn't affect us too much in that we aren't staying in Indianapolis but we are fearful of what kind of rental car Enterprise will stick us with considering we are arriving at 11pm on the night before the largest spectator sport in world takes place.

Our reservation says we have a Toyota Avalon, Nissan Maxima or "Similar" reserved. The last time we had an "or similar" car it was a PIECE OF SH*T MALIBU. No get up and go... GM hasn't done itself any favors with that little "gem".

Regarding our accommodations at the "Mother House" in Tipton, I was informed this morning that not only are we in separate rooms but that the rooms are equipped with twin beds. OH MY...

Actually, I'm looking forward to meeting more of the future family. We may be taking a side trip to somewhere Kentucky for a BBQ and then a day trip to Parke County, The Covered Bridge Capital of the World. That's not the U.S. that's the entire WORLD.

Check back for updates!

Happy Memorial Day
Thank You Veterens (and future Veterens!)
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Anonymous said...

You must have been in a 4 cylinder Malibu because my has plenty of get up and go. I just think you don't like domestic cars.