Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My horse for a kingdom!

A friend whom I haven't talked to in a while teased me about not doing anything other than changing jobs, planning a wedding, selling a condo and moving in with Jason. He is so correct, and because I wasn't doing anything these days that Jason and I started "looking" at homes.

We told ourselves that we were just shopping to get an idea of what we like so that when we were ready that we'd be clear on our wants/needs. Because we were "just looking" we didn't bother our Real Estate Agent Philip to show us houses we stuck to open houses on the weekends and checked out a few new developments.

You know where this is going don't you? We found a home that we love. Since we had just met with a lender "Dan Dan the Mortgage Man" (not his real slogan) we didn't even have financing lined up – but we made an offer anyway. They did accept on one condition. Our condo has to appraise for a certain amount. The builder, the real estate agent and some other person were over yesterday to check out our place. (Don't think that we didn't spend all day Saturday and Sunday boxing extra junk, the cute artwork and stuff that makes the condo ours. We took 8 boxes of stuff out and a rather large pile for goodwill.)

The waiting for the appraisal to come back has been agonizing. Everyone says don't fall in love with a house until it is yours. Too late – we are planning furniture placement, cruising consumer reports for ratings on washer & dryers, lawn mowers, refrigerators…

They have until Thursday to tell us about the condo appraisal. We have done the numbers from every angle – every bad scenario we can think of and we keep coming back to this emotion. "We want this house." We do have a line we can't / won't cross and pray that it doesn't come to that.

Moving before the wedding is something we said we would do only if the stars aligned and the financing piece came together with the perfect house; but if it wasn't in the works by June 1 than we would stop until after the wedding. While I am filled with anxiety over this Thursday deadline I feel like things have certainly come together.

Check back here for information Friday. Good news will be the posting of a floor plan and bad news will be a short post.

I'll have to rally though because you're about to be taken on a journey. Jason and I are going on vacation Saturday. We are meeting his parents and then going to Tipton, Indiana (a city with 1.9 square miles.) We will be staying in the place where Jason's aunt lives. She is a nun, but I have been strongly counseled that we are NOT staying in a convent. We will be in the "Mother house." I'm genuinely glad to be going but this will be coined "Chastity Vacation 2009"

Watch for updates throughout the week. Provided they have Internet in Tipton.

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