Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The convent is a pretty lively place. The Sisters have opened their doors to the community and to people like us (relatives and riff raff).

There is a staff of people here during the day who work in the kitchen, provide handyman services and minor housekeeping. There isn't daily maid service in my luxurious twin suite and that is perfectly ok with me.

I do have a benevolent spirit who enters my room after dark but before I return from the days activities to turn on a light and crank up the A/C for me. I'm pretty sure it is Jason, who isn't banned completely from my life in this place, but it could also be one of the ghostly white creatures who silently move around after dark.

I'm assured they are the nuns, but when you are in a facility with women using walkers or electric carts to get around and you spot a thin being in a white gown move silently through a doorway it's hard not to think of spirits.

The only place I've found here that gives me "the creeps" are the stairwells (and one in particular). There is plenty of ambient light from the outside lights to easily navigate the stairwell even at midnight but I need to flick on the lights. I can't imagine that any of the departed sisters are hanging out in there but you never know.

The other thing that has died out here and that is hanging around as a shadow of it's former self is my hair. Oh Lordy Lordy.... The humidity has brought out the worst in my Goldilocks. I am sporting an unrully, curly mass of untamed fuzz. The "frizz tamer" serum from the hair beautiful section of the Piggly Wiggly is CRAP.

I'm enjoying myself here but man-oh-man will I be happy to get back to the land of good hair.

Tomorrow we might be headed for Parke County to see the covered bridges. I hope so; but I'm going with the flow.
- Terri

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