Sunday, May 24, 2009

NWA (Nuns with attitude)

The convent grounds are beautiful with pockets of quiet places to hide (I mean contemplate our Lord). The peonies are in bloom and birds are chirping in the trees. It is a wonderful place.

We were up at 8:30 this morning. ( pretty good considering the late arrival and the time change). I was on full alert waiting to spot my first nun but the halls were barren until about 15 minutes before Mass was to start. At that time the elevator opened and released 5 to 6 tiny old women pushing walkers or driving motorized carts. This was repeated about three times until the hallway leading to the chapel was teeming with mini-women.

We stopped at the door leading into the Chapel to allow the slow lady in front to enter. (yelling "Move it along Sister!" seemed wrong ). At the same time this sweet looking lady (nun or not- nun? It's hard to tell.) reved the motor of her cherry red scooter and attempted to make
a 90 degree turn into the church at top speed. She managed to clip Uncle Dan and pinned his right foot to the door. In her frustration at not making the turn she was paralized and failed to not only back up to free Dan, but to stop the attempt at forward motion.

I can't be sure but I thought I saw a sparkle in her eye right before she rammed him. Watch out she's got God on her side and she's not afraid to stick it to you.

The other funny thing is that someone stole a bottle of wine of ours from the fridge. We're sharing the floor with nuns.... I wonder if Sister Maria Andretti had a nip of our Pinot Gris before rolling down to Church?

- Terri


RisibleGirl said...

"move it sister". ACK! That made me laugh! (more deserving than just an LOL)

MJS said... were burgled by NUNS?

OMG...that is funny on SO many levels.

Anonymous said...

A glimmer in the eye...maybe she has a mean spirit and that is her stumbling block to over come.

Nuns: 1
Terri & Team: 0

If you put wine in their becomes everyone's wine.

Nuns: 2
Terri & Team: 0