Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hey Dumbass....

Last night after viewing the exciting Star Trek movie Jason and I jumped into the elevator at Lincoln Square.

We were with a hodgepodge of normal people, folks from the movie, Microsoft people just leaving work and this kid (maybe 25) who was on his phone. We were on floor 2 and he's talking.

Floor 1 opens, a few people get in and we head to the basement parking structure.

The doors open on B2 (aka 2 floors below ground) and no one gets off. Kid is still talking.

The doors open on B3 and 1 person gets off and the phone talker realizes he missed floor B2. We all kind of chuckle at the kid who was so "busy" on the phone that he missed his floor.

B4 - A few more people get off and the kid loses his call and starts bitching. "Jeez what kind of shitty service to I have that I can't keep a call in an elevator!?" He was really peeved.

Multiple people informed him that he was five stories below the surface of the earth and that no one had cell service down that far. Just maybe the concrete tunnel that the metal elevator goes up and down in also hurts service.

The remainder of the people got off the elevator at B5 and as the doors shut to take him to B2 - we all started laughing and mocking him.


PNB Dave said...

I love being old enough that a know-it-all 25-year-old is a "kid."

PNB Dave said...

I also love that you have a "mocking others" category.