Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trapped in a car

Yesterday we zipped over to Somewhere, Kentucky to visit mom-in-laws brother. I will admit that when I heard we were going to Kentucky I assumed we'd be eatin grits on the back porch while the wild dogs fought over a coon.

These folks live in a stunning home in an amazing sub- division complete with a JR Olympic swimming pool for the residents.

Like everyone else I've met this wing of the family is fun, welcoming and nice. (there is some to do about my **gasp** non-catholicness but I'm ignoring it ).

Yesterday the cousins gathered for a visit, ham sandwiches and ( yeah ) wine. Jason and I were co-housed in the basement with clear instructions that the hide-a-bed only slept ONE.

This morning we went out for breakfast. That was three hours ago. The place we ate at was 1.7 miles away but it took 45 minutes to get there because we have been getting a tour of the subdivisions in the area, the aquatic center, the farmers market, the local gas station,
the court house.....

After breakfast we're getting a tour of the rest of town. I keep getting text messages from Jason who is trapped in the seat next to me that says his uncle is famous for "the long route".

We are in a red Honda mini-van with Kentucky plates and a anti-abortion bumper sticker.

Please sent help.

- Terri

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