Monday, May 25, 2009

Correction & a Suicide

It turns out we weren't burgled by Nuns. We found our missing bottle of Pinot Gris last night. Oops.

I stand corrected.

We did experience a very sad event yesterday. The family opted to skip the convent provided chicken dinner and ordered pizza. (The pork loin lunch from earlier in the day was still stuck in my throat. I had hoped that the water I was ravenously drinking would give it enough moisture to digest. No. Such. Luck. )

Jason and I drove into town to the Pizza King. Their pizza as voted best in the county by the Kokomo Gazette. On our way home with the piping hot pies burning my legs a cute but clearly depressed squirrel decided to end it all and did a kamakazi run under the tires of our
black rental car. We heard the bump and then saw the little body roll out behind us. The little puffy tail landed on the ground in a way that assured us that he was dead. (sad)

Poor Jason felt badly, but when a squirrel decides to end it all there's not much you can do.

- Terri


PNB Dave said...

I'm pretty sure you're going to hell for insinuating the Sisters of Perpetual Thirst stole your pinot gris.

On the topic of wild animal suicides, if it makes you feel any better, I was the unwitting means of an opossum's Suicide by Vehicle on my way home from my mom's on Easter Sunday. (The worst part was that I thought it was a cat at first and that I was going to have to go tell some family I'd just killed their pet.)

Anonymous said...

Finding your "stolen" wine after saying a Nun took it...

Nuns: 4
Terri & Team: 0

Willing to admit that you made the mistake...

Nuns: 4
Terri & Team: 1

Killing a squirrel who obviously made the decision to die...(had to be split, no real winner or loser)

Nuns: 4
Terri & Team: .5
Squirrels Everywhere: .5