Thursday, May 21, 2009

No Home for You!

We were so close, we were mentally placing furniture in rooms, choosing paint colors and trying to decide how to coordinate a July 3rd moving date. All of this was cart before the house activity.
We didn't close the deal and Jason and I have decided to not pursue this or any other house before the wedding.
What happened? It's complicated, but essentially we couldn't agree on the terms and they wanted us to wait in limbo for 30 days "just to see" and frankly that didn't work for us. We countered with something firm and fair and they opted not to accept.
To be honest, I'm happier with a no answer than a "wait and see" answer. We've learned to hold our emotions in check and are perfectly accepting of the outcome.
When we dip our toes in the real estate market we'll do it with our financing lined up (although we obtained the financing we needed within 1 day) and with our own real estate agent in tow. We will come to the table ready to deal.
I guess you win some, you lose some, and in the end that wasn't our house.
So, hold on to your shorts people, we are headed out Saturday for Chastity Vacation 2009! Indiana here we come.

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PNB Dave said...

Sorry again about the house, but as my mom often points out, everything happens for a reason.

Re: Chastity Vacation: Maybe you could make that an annual thing for you and J. Imagine the fun! You could even market the concept!

Or not.