Friday, May 22, 2009

things not to say on a date...

Even though we are well on our way to marriage Jason and I still go on dates. Last night when I got back from San Jose he took me to our favorite place for wine and dinner. To be economical we feast on the appetizers which are fabulous and half price before 6:30. The food is small, it is yummy and it is easy on the bank account.

We like to sit at the bar when it is just the two of us and we did so last night. At one point a new person came out of the kitchen with food for our neighbors and I quietly commented to Jason that the waiter had something stuck between his two front teeth.

Jason: Which waiter, the one in the striped shirt?
Terri: Yes, the hot one.
Jason: Uh... that was an adjective I didn't need.
Terri: bwahahahaha Sorry bwahahahaha

I'm sure my apology seemed shallow through the tears of laughter. I guess it's not polite to point out the super hot people to your date.

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