Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A new home?

Jason and I are spending our limited free time looking at potential homes to buy. This is a fun but possibly heartbreaking activity. We don't have our financing settled but do have a meeting tomorrow with a trustworthy lender to see what our options are.

In looking for a home location matters, but because our base of operations (Jason's job) is in Issaquah, that seems to be the key commute consideration.

We have a list of wants, 3 bedrooms, a 3/4 or full bath on the main floor, a large garage and a rockin' master bedroom. We should be able to get what we want at a price that we swallow.

We've looked at houses in Issaquah, in Sammamish, Duvall (ICK) and Kenmore (double Ick). Duvall and Kenmore are quality places to live, but not if you commute to Issaquah, or the airport for that matter.

I'm looking for good storage and we both want a comfortable place to entertain. I want some sort of outdoor space and no shared walls.

Should the meeting with the lender go well, we will consider a move before the wedding (as if we don't have enough to do) but if the stars don't align perfectly we will stand down and wait.

This is a fun process and thankfully Jason and I are able to reasonably verbalize what we do and do not like about potential homes. "I just don't like it" doesn't quite work for me.

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