Tuesday, May 18, 2010

can we make it on time?

Jason and I are planning a little Las Vegas get away in the fall and are excited to try restaurants by chefs we've seen on Top Chef (a favorite show).

We are excited (and I am drooling) over the menu at CraftSteak, a Tom Colicchio venture.  It is ALL meat and I am confident it will be done well.

They take reservations so after consulting with Jason, we decided to commit because we're going over a possibly high traffic weekend and expect it to be busy.  I smartly went online and booked us a table at the romantic hour of 8:30 pm... but for TONIGHT.

I had to call and fess up that I'm a dumb ass.  The phone dude (British accent) was nice and moved everything around and didn't mock me.. but he wanted to I am sure of that.

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