Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Whatever

I promise that in spite of the whining I’m in a good, happy mood these days. My visit with friends this weekend was frenetic and fun. Those of you who are parents deserve metals for dealing with small people who literally need help wiping their own bottoms. “I made a big poopie!” is now part of our happy home sayings.

I do think that I picked up a little “something” over the weekend because as this week rolls on I’m feeling a tad under the weather, and Jas mentioned on the phone last night that he is fighting something. Uh oh. It can’t be all in my head if he’s got it too.

On the home front, our next “big” project on the wish list is to extend our patio. We have a decent sized square of concrete, but our massive step from the back door sucks up a lot of real estate. The issue we’re running up against is that the job is so small that getting people to come and bid is a challenge and getting them to follow up with an actual bid is even worse. Of course, the dollar figure I had in my head as reasonable is about $1000 less than what the two companies that have bid so far want. It is worth doing it right and having a patio that is usable for our needs, but what a pain in the bum.

Those of you who have remodeled or heck, built your own home I applaud your ability to deal with contractors, sub-contractors and the hassle of getting people out, selecting the right product and getting it built. I have a completed, new house and just doing the heat pump and now the potential patio have made me tired.

In the last month I have spent more time than any human should on getting ‘things’ scheduled. I know our summer is booked, but I foolishly purchased an afternoon of sailing at an auction and I swear it was a 3 week ordeal to get it on the calendar and in the end the people we really wanted to go with can’t make the date we were able to find that worked with the captain. Had we been willing to skip out on work it would have been easier, but I’m not technically retired and neither are my people. We were tied to weekends. You wouldn’t think that a 4 hour tour (sing it with me) would be so hard to coordinate – but it was.

The other big scheduling craziness was the book group ladies trying to find a weekend to escape to a member’s cabin near Leavenworth. I love these women and am amazed at what they (we, I guess) have been able to accomplish in our respective lives but I know that for us finding a date to get together for an evening book group discussion can be a challenge. The idea of finding a weekend was daunting. I tried to be very flexible but wanted to yak a little bit when they were hovering seriously on a weekend that was bookended by business trips for me. When single I might have considered flying home Thursday and then leaving Friday morning for a weekend jaunt and then leaving for a 4 day trip on Monday, but yikes… I think a night or two at home with the hubby is good. Thankfully, the hostess abandonded her dream of a fall get away and emailed the gang to say “we’re opening the cabin on x date in November, hope you can make it.” This decisive invitation pleased me. It is far enough away that I can put it on the books and then plan other craziness around it. Of course, I don’t have kids to manage, but I still have a life. So There!

I’m on the 5:30 flight home tonight. I wish I could have changed to the earlier flight, but it was WAY too full and my estemed boss is on the earlier flight and since I told her I was staying all day... I should. It is a silly thing, but consistency is important.

I guess that’s it for now. Lunch is over so I should give it my all this afternoon.

When you hear from me again I’ll be happily in my own home.

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Yes, we do "deserve metals". I prefer gold or platinum.