Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who can it be knocking on my door?

Thank you Men Without Hats for the title of this mornings musings.

It is clear that I'm not entirely trying to hide who I am any more, I mean you can find my blog linked to my facebook profile. So, if you're a "friend" you can find me.

I have, out of respect for my people tried to limit the super personal stuff about them. One person told me that when they read about themselves it made them feel like a character rather than a real person in my life. I have to honor that. I'm not perfect and since this blog is part commentary on the silly stupid things in life and part me working through my own nonsense I cross the line from time to time. If I go too far on something that is personal for you, please let me know and I'll take it offline immediately.

I also know that I don't have a lot of "readers". There are a few people like Mom, Jody & Jas who check in just about every day but I'm sure some day they will figure out what I write is trite and unimportant. There are other folks who check in on a less frequent basis (Hi PNBDave & CLD).

I do have a "counter" on the site to see how many hits I get, but when I post or (shame) read my own posts the counter goes up and up thus making me look WAY more popular than I am. Tee Hee - plus, truth be known, I didn't start the counter clock at zero. Hey, get off me, it is the same thing as starting a new checking account and not starting your check numbers with 100. Everybody starts at 2000 or if they are smart 2448 or some other random number.

A secondary feature of this clock are some back end analytics which allow me to see from where people are hitting my site. It isn't labeled "Joe P. Surfer" instead I see the location such as city and state or city and country and the internet provider location. I can spot my mom, myself and I think a much missed former co-worker (hi Seth) based on that information. Today, my most exciting visitor is from Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia. I'm guessing it was some sort of program because the visit was short and they didn't read anything. Or, since I don't write in fluent (bwahahah) Spanish perhaps they moved on after randomly finding me.

I tell you all this because one of the most curious entries in the last few weeks has been from the private school where my mother in law works. I can tell that who ever it is, is reading the current page and then moving on. I don't have anything to hide other than the fact that I wish I wasn't dating before I met and went bonkers over whatshisface. Some of my fictionary words aren't really fitting for polite company either, but if it is my MIL I should say "Hello! If it wasn't obvious before, I'm a little bit sarcastic and wrong from time to time." If I've somehow drawn the attention of a student at this school I say to you... "Go study!"

I don't check the stats very often because, believe it or not I have a life. No really I do. Heck, today I get to go to the dentist... AGAIN. This time just for the annual cleaning. See, isn't that earth shattering information?

Have a great day and thank you for checking in.


PNB Dave said...

Ohmigod, I'm famous!

tp_gal said...

I'm reminded that the name of the band is "Men at Work". Men Without Hats is just silly.

I find this mental lapse quite funny.

Men without hats... Why not?

tp_gal said...

Oh the horror...there WAS a band called "Men without hats". They sang "The Safety Dance."