Thursday, May 20, 2010

I want to make fun of Lindsay Lohan, but can't.

Sweet little Lindsay Lohan has herself in a bit of a pickle (is pickled?)  She had a court date today regarding her probation on a 2007 drunk driving charge.  She has two more alcohol management classes to take and was due in court today, but she zipped off to the Cannes Film Festival earlier this week to "work".

The story is that she was promoting a film (that hasn't been made or financed) and her passport was stolen so she couldn't make it back.

Well, it turns out the judge in the LA court could give a flying f*ck about her troubles and issued a bench warrant for her arrest. 

Oh girlfriend, you're in the shiz now!

Lindz appears to be surrounded by people who can't seem to help her make smart decisions.  She's a money maker for her family and that seems to cloud their judgment regarding legal issues.

I feel for her because it's pretty clear to me, a total nobody, that she needs help.  And by help, I mean the kind of help Miss Brittney got - keep the bad people away, sober up and focus on the important things in life. 

Lindsay is easy to make fun of because of the stupid stuff she does, but in the end her story is sad.   She'll go to jail for a while and it won't help.  If she could get sober I bet there are many many hollywood people that would take her in, give her work and I predict she would have an amazing career.  I think the girl CAN actually act, but she has to work out her personal crap before that can happen. 

Her parents SUCK and aren't helping.  In my opinion, they should also get some time to reflect on their lack of parental guidance and how it contributes to the soon to be loss of this poor girl.

Gosh, I started out wanting to mock her for being stupid and since it's such a senseless loss of a bright young person I simply feel sick.   I hope she gets help.

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