Monday, May 10, 2010

A first time

It was a weekend of firsts!

  • The first 2010 Saturday & Sunday in a row that were glorious weather wise.
  • The first dinner out on our patio under our kicky Costco Umbrella.
  • The first time use for three wonderful wedding gifts: a cake decorating kit, the fancy mandoline and a beautiful, even cooking wok.  All three were fun and I'm sad that we hadn't put them into service before.  The mandoline makes perfectly julienned carrots and for our stir fry dinner it was perfection.
  • The first time my book group has ever met on a Friday evening.  It was a nice change, but we'll probably never do it again.  Fridays are date night and the beginning of Shabbat.  We all love book group, but it shouldn't mess with family time.  We enjoyed the book, Let The Great World Spin.  (Not to plug myself, but click HERE to read our write up.) 
  • The first time in 2010 our bicycles were taken for a spin.  I love that we can ride all over the neighborhood without having to drive the bicycles to an acceptable route.  There is a trail along the Cedar river that we'll have to drive to because even if I survived the ride down the hill to the river, I would NEVER get back up.
  • The first time we washed our cars in our own driveway.  It's not the ideal use of water resources, but we were conservative with the water, so quit judging me.
  • This was also one of the first weekends in a while where we didn't HAVE to get up early for something, but yet we were up at our normal 6:20 am every day.  Why does sleeping in elude me? 
  • We offered to adopt a child in need, but we were refused.  Sure, he's 40 and owns his own place, but it seemed like the perfect solution.  Jason and I would be parents but we wouldn't have to mess around with diapers or paying for college. 


PNB Dave said...

1. I was not aware that you observed Shabbat.

2. I didn't REFUSE, I just said I didn't think it was legal for me to be adopted a second time while my parents are both still alive and able to lay claim to me.

tp_gal said...

1) I don't celebrate Shabbat, but my friend Deborah does so it should be honored.

2) I doubt legality is our only issue with an adoption.