Friday, May 07, 2010


Two weeks ago I got an 'easy' but tedious assignment at my favorite new job.  I have been slogging away at it and at every turn a bit frustrated because all the information I need wasn't in one place.  (I'm supposed to be creating a file of all the standards in regular document (word) form for our super star web master.)  I found that many of the files didn't exist and had to be recreated.  That's the danger of letting your team save the master files on their personal hard drives.  When they leave the data is GONE.

I'm down to two documents and they are a bitch.  They are 22 pages of embedded tables containing configuration code for hardening some dumb server system.  

I found the document in PDF form, and copy & paste works, but the table formatting dies when you do it.

I've managed to get through about an hours worth of work on one document and am only 3 pages in.  I want to jab my eyes out.


tp_gal said...

ok... with some formatting and using the convert text to table tool it is going a lot faster.

RisibleGirl said...

::ducks and runs for cover::

OK- I'm not running, actually.

I had a feeeeeeeeeeeeeeling that wouldn't be a fun project.