Friday, May 14, 2010

They stick needles in your eyes!

I have been very unproductive today.  The lure of the sunny outside world is calling to me.  If I would get my status report done I could move on to other things, but here I sit... blogging.


(time passing)

Ok, whew, it is done. 

I got a FUNNY phone call from my mom yesterday.  She had the first of two cornea transplant surgeries on her eyes to improve (save) her vision.  In the olden days you would just go blind.  Now. thanks to science and people who generously donate their organs when they die, vibrant people can stay vibrant.

Of course, it is a serious operation that involves cutting and drugs.  They gave her some sort of 'shot' which relaxed her to the point of not really remembering the procedure.  It has some lingering effects and when she called me at 3 yesterday she was... LOOPY.  She was in love with everything and thought she was super funny.  Apparently, as the nurse walked her out of the office and through the lobby to the car, my mom told the entire waiting room full of old people "They stick needles in your eyes!"  I'm sure the nurse wanted to drop kick my drunken mother on the curb.

Mom also had some strange epiphany on the ride home when she noticed that the color of a coca-cola truck on the highway was one color out of her old eye and another color out of the new eye.  I think she has decided her new eye came from a man and that she's color blind now.   Anywho she had some strange comment about how there are men wandering around in pink and purple clothes who think they are wearing red.  I'm thinking it takes the brain a tiny bit of time to process the information coming from the new eye.

Dad tried to put her to bed AGAIN, and I haven't heard from them today so I'm assuming everything is ok, or he had to put a pillow over her head to stop the comedy show.

I'm happy she was able to have this done.  My dad went through it a number of years ago and I think it saved his life.  Imagine being less mobile than you want to be and not being able to escape into the books that make sitting in your house all day bearable?  For mom, it gives her back the ability to drive a night time (safely) and I'm sure a bit of a regeneration of energy.

Her second surgery is next month and I'm hopeful that she doesn't feel the need to re-tell her "joke" about the needles to the next waiting room full of patients when she goes in.  However, she's related to me and if there's one thing I know it's that it's always better to tell an off color or rude "joke" at least twice to make sure it really and truly isn't funny to other people.

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PNB Dave said...

The last sentence made me laugh out loud -- twice -- because I think I've been your human litmus test for off-color or rude jokes at least a few times (and enjoyed them all).

(Word verification: "ragge," which is what Scooby calls Shaggy.)