Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sorry I'm so boring

As I wander around the house I'm reminded of all the little things I want to get done and don't manage to do.

Our tablecloth & napkin collection are in a pile on the bed in the spare room.  I have plans to sort them by size. We have THREE different tables in our house, including the outside table and it seems that I'm the only one who knows where they are and which one fits which table.  I guess, in spite of my best efforts some areas of this house will be known only to women.

There are still some lingering photo projects from the wedding.  I have a rather large box of mementos, cards, toasts that I would like to organize in some way other than stuffed into the weird bird cage I thought I needed to have. 

On a funny note, I sent an anniversary gift to Becky & Brett to celebrate their 15 +1 year anniversary.  In my selfish, me me me, I'm so in love and getting married haze last year I failed to do anything thoughtful for them on what I consider to be a rather large milestone.  So, this year I dialed up my favorite web site for fabulous gifts, packaged fabulously and sent them a Vinturi wine aerator and a box of chocolate covered oreos (Brett drinks red wine and Becky who favors white likes chocolate).  The gift arrived on time as expected, but sadly there were no oreos in the package. 

I called RedEnvelope and their solution was to resend the entire gift.  It seems strange that they couldn't send the oreos independently, but I suppose having an extra vinturi won't hurt the 16 year newlyweds.   Since they offered to replace the whole order I'm not sure why I feel like I've stolen the second aerator, but I do.  Oh well, these are the things to get over.

Vinturi, for the non-oenophiles (wineos) is a nifty little thing that you pour your red wine through and it adds air to the wine, which "opens" up the flavor.  We've done taste tests on aerated and non-aerated wine from the same bottle and I'm telling you, it really works.  It's not that the non-aerated wine is bad, it isn't - but running it through the vinturi makes the wine taste like it should after you expose it to the air for a while.

That's it for now.  Maybe after I eat I'll be inspired with something sarcastic and fun to share.

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