Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wow... that sure smells like yesterdays raw fish

After a couple years of driving by, I decided it was time to stop into the Viet-Wah the grocery store in the Renton Highlands that serves the Asian population.  They are, near as I can tell, an independent version of Uwajimaya.  I don't mean to suggest that Uwajimaya is a huge conglomerate, they have 4 locations and are marketed quite well to both the Asian community and us "honkeys".  Viet-Wah is a three location outfit and they have most of the wonderful noodles, sauces, spices, foods that you can not pick up in the "Asian" section at Safeway.  They don't have the fresh sushi or hot foods that Uwajimaya offers, but if you want to cook with authentic ingredients the Viet- Wah can help you out.

I was pleased to find 6 varieties of noodles for our stir fry and the brand of Hoison sauce that I love so much.   They also have a rather large meat and seafood market.  Sadly, it smelled like hot raw seafood.  (For the record, this is NOT a pleasant smell.)

We may venture back again, but since Renton has an Uwajimaya store, the Viet-Wah doesn't hold much promise to be on our regular grocery route.  The smell was unfortunate.  Now, if I was in the market for funky Chinese or Vietnamese cigarettes, the Viet-Wah would be the place to go!  

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