Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Purity Test

Saturday is free shred day in Renton and Jason and I are getting ready.  We went through four boxes of old taxes, old bills, college transcripts (a driver's ed completion certificate) and crap left over from Messy Martha.  I doubt that she'll need the divorce paperwork anymore.

Going through stuff I've been hanging onto was freeing.  I may love those old Daly's newsletters but I haven't looked at them in over 15 years and frankly didn't read them last night either.   I also had old letters that I had written to college chums after graduation and while it is fun to see that I was a party girl, I'm not her anymore.

I'm proud of Jason too.  When we moved he promised me that he would go through his boxes of paper and ditch the sales receipts from 1998.  (For the record, I had them too.)  We both will be shredding all tax information except for the last 7 years.  You had your audit chance Mr. IRS, but the 2002 audit window has been closed!

I found some wonderful family history stuff from Messy Marthas final box and saved that stuff.  I'll bring it to Ma & Pa's place over Memorial Day and we'll go through it.

I also found a really fun relic from the days at the paint store.  The Purity Test!  The PT is a 500 questionaire designed to determine your "purity score".  The questions range from platonic relations questions (have you ever had a date, a date past 1am) to legal items (have you ever shoplifted, made out a check that bounced, drugged someone without their knowledge).  The questions get really personal (anal sex, paid for sex, group sex) and quite detailed.

Your score is determined by taking the number of yes answers and identifying your purity percentage.  "The higher the number, the more pure you are; n the same vein, the lower the score, the more of a sleaze-bag you are.

I have a complete test (on paper) and found one online .   Neither require names or identifiable information.

The copy I have is a photocopy from one of the nice paint store boys.  He has is 11/27/1989 and 1/26/1997 score neatly written on the top.  (73.2% down to 66.8%)  I think I need to invite him over for dinner, a test and an updated test. 

I've got an appointment this afternoon, but we'll see if I have time to do my own score. 


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PNB Dave said...

I bet he would enjoy being invited to dinner, and after a few drinks he would probably (grudgingly) agree to take the test, just for laughs and grins. Then he would be deeply depressed to find his score has probably not dropped significantly since 1997.