Friday, May 28, 2010

Judge Much?

In my attempt to get through this rainy Friday afternoon before what I hope is a good weather weekend I found myself on Facebook (shock). On my homepage there was a picture of a familiar person and a note to "connect" with them. I knew this person and remembered thinking that they were funny in high school, so I clicked the name to see what information I could gather to see if it would be worth re-connecting.

I have held off on connecting with people because of things they have posted on their web pages and I'm sure some have found me too liberal, too sarcastic and too opinionated. Me opinionated!? Never.

So in cruising this person's page I saw something interesting. For the record, I think that the fact that marijuana is illegal is more of a financial issue for the tobacco industry than a health issue for Americans. Should it be legal? Hell yeah! Legal and taxed! Have I indulged? I can not lie. I'm not a smoker and I don't enjoy the act of smoking so marijuana never was and never will be my thing - but I don't think it is anything but politics that keeps it illegal. I don't even have an issue with folks indulging in the privacy of their own homes. (Right this second I'm inviting an argument with my mother over the fact that the drug industry is huge and detrimental to our society -I agree it is. But call me naive for not equating the baggies of pot to coke, heroine and drugs that have to be imported. I know Mom... it's like saying chicken isn't meat just because you can buy it at the store all neatly packaged and you don't have to worry where it came from.)

So, be a supporter of the legalization of hemp. Shout it out, campaign, put up signs, wear the strangely soft but muted clothing, the odd shoes... sing it form the mountain tops, but perhaps posting pictures of yourself toking out on a HUGE hookah where all the people of the world can see might not be the best decision.

There are PRIVACY settings you can use so you can post your hooka or your hootchie for that matter in a place where only your most trusted peoples can see them. Me... I think I'll keep my pictures to the strange and silly and make every effort not to photograph myself doing an illegal act, no matter how wrong I may believe it to be.


That's the sound of me hopping off my soap box.

(I didn't reconnect with this person, btw. I remembered something not nice they said to me when I was 14, so I'll show them and not be their facebook friend!! Ahhh, revenge is finally mine.)

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MWR said...

"I think that the fact that marijuana is illegal is more of a financial issue for the tobacco industry . . ."

Seriously? That seems more like a sound bite than a reasoned conclusion.