Monday, May 03, 2010

What are you sitting in?

I find it ironic that our weekends are jam packed from now until fall but that we have days where we don't have much going on. We had a gaggle of cousins who were invited over for dinner Saturday evening, but our day was wide open and Sunday we had hopes of going to church and that was about it.

The weekend ended up being filled with errands, movies (I finally watched Avatar) and yard work. I did manage to work in a serene moment in my fabulous bathtub.

I'm addicted to a silly product from Lush called Bath bombs. They are giant fizzy tablets that fill the tub with wonderful smells and (usually) silky skin emollients. The Big Blue bomb also turns the water a pretty blue. I tried a new bomb called Honey Bee, which was sold to me as a "sweet and soothing honey-toffee bomb for deliciously soft skin." Nowhere is there a disclaimer that states that the Honey Bee turns the water the color of urine.  I think there should be some sort of sign that says this is for a candlelit bath only.

While I love the Bath Bombs, you have to be careful of your time management.  Most Bombs result in the need to scrub the tub when you're done.  There is one that has actual sparkles embedded into the mix.  That one might never get used at my house.  I don't care how good it smells, I'm not picking up sparkles in the bathtub.  Heck, I'm still finding sparkles on the floor from the 70's disco birthday party in January (and I vacuum on a regular basis!)

So, after the Urine bath, we watched Avatar.  I can see why people said to see it in 3D.  Visually it was wonderful and I'm sure on the big screen it would have been even better.  The story was so-so and now that I've seen it I don't have to again for a long long time.

This is an "at home" week and I'm happy to be waking up in my own bed for many many days in a row.  Rico is coming over for dinner Saturday and Sunday we are free of any obligation.  It is mother's day, but we won't be driving over the mountain to surprise Mrs. P.  We will be going for memorial day weekend and I hope we'll be forgiven for doing a home based activity.  (Maybe we'll get the bikes out if it doesn't look like rain.)

We'll see.

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