Friday, May 28, 2010

A commitment to me

In spite of the fact that the cotton wood trees are kicking my *ss, I made it to the gym this morning. Yeah! I like being on the ball and getting it done before I start my work day. And, since I don't have to get up at 5am to do it, I'm even more happy.

It is a sad fact that in spite of my surgery I have to watch what I eat. I have gained some weight in the last year and it is NOT OK. I'm working on cutting the in between meals to lesser snacks and more healthy choices and drinking more water. A renewed commitment to the gym will help too.

The gain isn't a horrific amount but better to get a handle on it before it is. I knew the surgery wasn't the only thing I would have to do to keep my weight under control, but having gotten to a size I can live with and feel healthy at it is easy to put the self management on the back burner. That can not be. Diligence!

This is going to sound terrible, like self loathing, but it's not. I must remember I am a fat person inside a healthy body. I am capable of eating and lazying (not really a word) my way back to 315. I have the commitment to me and my life that it will not happen and simply relying on my altered anatomy won't cut the mustard. It is an every day, every meal decision to make the healthy choice.

Again... this is not a diet. It is my way of life and I must remember that.

So much for humor today.

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