Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sheesh... why even get out of bed?

I’m having a great couple days in San Jose.  I’m getting a lot done and while I miss my own home thus far I haven’t dipped into the whiney “I wanna go home” thing.


I grabbed a yummy lunch from the cafeteria and zipped back to my desk to check in on the world (and do blog, cuz I know you miss me.) 


Well… CNN makes the world look pretty crazy right now.  Plane crashes, clashes in Thailand, Kabul, and Haiti.  North Korea is acting up, and we’ve been advised to avoid Jamaica at all costs right now.  Stocks took a hit today.  To make matters worse, Sex and The City 2 movie only got one star – which means it stinks.


With all this news, why did I even get out of bed this morning? 


The civil unrest in countries around the world is unnerving.  It seems like world is falling apart – more so than normal.    I’d like to go back into my little cubby and stop reading the news for about a month.  To top it off the oil spill breaks my heart. 


Honestly, the oil spill in the gulf is badly named.  It’s a holocaust, which amongst its more common definition of the systematic mass slaughter of European Jews in Nazi concentration camps during World War II, it is also known as any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life.  It’s that last bit “the reckless destruction of life” that for me, earns the BP Spill the title of holocaust.


How can it be that after a month of oil spewing into the gulf that it hasn’t been stopped?  I get that it is a dangerous thing and that we have to protect the people who are trying to cap it off, but sheesh, get it done already. 


I was in a meeting today (and paying attention!) but the wall I was facing from my side of the table had a 15 foot floor to ceiling map of the world.  I was looking at the gulf and its relatively small size and then looking at the coast of Alaska and wondering what the impact of a spill on “our” side of the country would be?  I doubt that Canada would be thrilled about a catastrophic event that would impact their beautiful coast line.  I’m sure there would be some serious discussions with angry Canadians.


The idea of a second spill is not entirely out of the question.  It will happen again as long as our quest for oil takes us to places not intended to be mined. 


Normally, when the news gets me down I turn to the Internet to distract me… but lately it’s icky.



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